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Open Source Technology
Mobile-first Development
  • Very attractive front-end interfaces, tailored to users, typically accessing an enterprise level database on the cloud through REST API.
  • These applications target mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.
  • Built-in Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets, rich motion APIs, smooth natural scrolling, and platform awareness.
  • Open Source Technology
    Enterprise Automation Development
  • Powerful toolset to build anything you want on the cloud or on premise from existing system augmentation to complete end-to-end systems.
  • Easily handle integration projects, ERP, build out or access REST APIs, search or analytics, advanced authorisations, data feeds and more.
  • Enterprise data model - integrated model of all data produced and consumed across the entire organisation.
  • Open Source Technology
    Schedule and Planning Optimisation.
  • AI-driven constraint satisfaction engine which optimises planning problems. Do more business with less resources.
  • Solve cases like employee rostering, maintenance scheduling, task assignment, job shop scheduling, stock optimisation, and many more.
  • Combines optimisation heuristics and metaheuristics with very efficient score calculation.
  • Open Source Technology
    Business Rules & Expert Systems.
  • Decouple application code and business logic.
  • Update your rules or process logic simply on a shared spreadsheet on Amazon Elastic File System or Dropbox etc.
  • Create a central knowledge repository for risk management rules, shipping rules, pricing rules, production rules, or anything else.
  • Open Source Technology
    Data Visualisation
  • Utilise D3.js which gives complete flexibility and power to do anything you want.
  • Improve expressiveness, apply dynamic transforms to both generate and modify content.
  • Utilse highly interactive, animated visualisations to understand your data for decision support.
  • Open Source Technology
    Forecasts & Scenarios
  • Run Monte Carlo and other forecasting simulations on datasets.
  • Visualise different scenarios in a more powerful way that highlights probabilities and relationships.
  • Decision support for areas like schedule risk, sales forecasts, and more.
  • Open Source Technology
  • Integrate back-end office systems and other systems.
  • REST based messages, and/or any other integration pattern as required.
  • Consistent build out of integrations with well managed message production and consumption.
  • Open Source Technology
    Workflow Modelling and Analysis
  • Petri Net based, a renowned means of modelling workflow, conflict resolution and much more.
  • Model and animate workflow including hierarchy, choice, roles, time, cost, probability, different cases etc.
  • Simulations and statistics on variables like waiting time, cycle times, work time, total processing cost.
  • Open Source Technology
    Facilitation, Training & Workshops
  • Highly experienced in designing and delivering training within corporate environments.
  • Facilitation of various formats to enable collaborative solving of problems and sharing of knowledge.
  • Well structured and managed online documentation and help systems based on Sphinx.
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    How We Work


    We work to solve your problems in the most direct, intuitive way. Your journey with us typically involves some or all of the following elements.


    Come to a mutual understanding about the purpose of our engagement, the broad activities during specified phases, the individuals or groups of people who will be involved, financial arrangements, frequency of contact, confidentiaity, clarify roles etc.


    Undertake diagnosis, develop understanding of business requirements, discover and assess the current situation, develop understanding of existing systems, carry out gap analysis, and make recommendations and plans.


    Produce needed design artifacts such as screen outlines, functional wireframes, prototypes, system interface sketches, data models, graphic design artifacts etc. If required, model workflow, cases, roles, processing time, cost, run simulations on the resulting models.


    Carry out the work to solve the problem and successfully deliver the transformation. Implementation is where the magic comes together, and the preparation pays off. End user documentation, deployment, migration, training & support delivered to ensure success.