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Selection of SaaS based products available "off the shelf" for businesses involved in construction, installation or maintenance.

Open Source SaaS Products
Scheduling and Calendars
  • Calendar scheduling system that is interactive, colour coded, filterable by task type, staff type etc.
  • Schedule site visits and make block assignments for field sales across regions, site fixes, different types of installation.
  • Integrate task and team management, and communications.
  • Open Source SaaS Products
    In the Field
  • Surveys and field inspections.
  • Asset and equipment inspections.
  • Commissioning and maintenance checks.
  • Open Source SaaS Products
  • Risks, controls, management of health and safety.
  • Contractor and/or sub-contractor management.
  • Issue management across pre-sales, factory, installation, snag lists.
  • Customer-side Maintenance Requests (Mobile).
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    We have 5+ years experience with the open source project 'Mantle Business Artifacts' - which is a library of lower-level artifacts that act as a foundation for developing fully integrated business applications. Drawing on this library we can quickly and efficiently build anything a client might want. Library of artifacts include:

    iconProcure to Pay

    Manage Suppliers; Purchase Orders for inventory, equipment, supplies; Receiving and Warehouse Management; Accounts Payable.

    iconOrder to Cash

    Support and Manage Customers; Sales Orders for goods, subscriptions, services; Shipping and Tax Calculation (with Drools rules or integration); Inventory Management and Fulfillment; Accounts Receivable and Payment Processing.

    iconReturn to Response

    Customer and Supplier Returns; Customer Credit, Refund, Replacement; Authorize and Respond Auto or Manual.

    iconWork Plan to Cash

    Client Requests; Projects, Milestones, and Tasks; Flexible Rates, Time and Expenses; Bill Clients, Pay Employees and Subcontractors.

    iconProduct Information

    Goods, Services, Subscriptions, Equipment Types; Organize with Classes/Categories/Features, Faceted Keyword Search; Flexible Pricing (and modify with Drools rules); Content, Identification, Dimensions, Associations, Reviews.

    iconAsset Management

    Inventory, Equipment, Supplies, etc; GL Posting for Issuance, Receipt, Depreciation, Physical Inventory; Inventory Projections based on Reservations, Shipments, Production Runs, etc; Equipment Scheduling and Maintenance.

    iconHR and Payroll

    Manage Positions, Classes, Employees; Flexible Hourly and Piece Rates, Salaries; Payroll Tax Calculation; Pay Wages, Taxes, Garnishments by Check, ACH, etc.


    Flexible Chart of Accounts, Reporting and Posting based on Type and Class; Automated GL posting for Invoices, Payments, Balance Accounts, Assets, Production, etc; Payment and GL Reconciliation; Balance Sheet, Income, Cash Flow, Equity Statements; Financial Ratios and Other Reports.