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Focus areas & benefits.

Eliminate data redundancy
  • Duplicated information, re-entry of data, manually importing and exporting information equals wasted time and money.
  • Keep all relevant information together, properly related, and up to date throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Base management decisions on powerful queries of a well designed and integrated database containing all your business information.
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    Connect Your Site And Office
  • Centralised cloud-based database application for realtime collaboration and on-the-ground information capture.
  • User-friendly interfaces suited to each individual job function.
  • Simple, fast on-site capture helps ensure no missing or inaccurate data.
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    Enable Collaboration
  • Allow communication in real-time about all aspects of ongoing jobs, and all prospects in the pipeline.
  • One touch specification of requisite components and configurations for each installation.
  • Standardised, consistent communication and service, regardless of location.
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    Empower Your Management
  • End-to-end views across customer, project, and equipment life-cycles.
  • Underlying ERP based data model integrates all data to enable powerful queries of company information producing charts, tables, and pipelines.
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    Integrate Your Other Systems
  • Integrate back-end office systems and other systems like vehicle tracking.
  • REST based messages, and any other integration pattern available as needed.
  • Bring data in from your website site forms as well structured information in your database.
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    Leverage Innovative Technologies
  • We continually strive to ensure our clients are taking advantage of the latest internet technologies that can add value to their businesses.