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Credit: Windell Oskay

R&D, Software Development.

We are a consultancy and software house working to deliver technology solutions for reasonable budgets.

We build on direct experience in the machinery, materials, and manpower that it is the task of management to organise - over 20 years professional experience in software and over 25 years in general engineering.

We help clients find innovative solutions to their business challenges based in a robust understanding of processes, a feeling for defects, and practical good sense.

Moqui Development

The cornerstone of our service delivery is Moqui, an integrated, enterprise-ready framework for building enterprise automation applications.


If you are not familiar with this framework, we would love to tell you why we chose it, and how it offers secure, reliable, scalable cutting-edge solutions for companies like yours.

Our Promise

Our promise to our clients is that we will do a great job, provide good value service and go the extra mile to help ensure that the client is happy with our service.

Clients Say




We work productively and efficiently to deliver great value to our clients. We can give you a fixed price if you prefer, agree milestones, deliverables, and ensure the lowest possible risk for your project.


Junior Engineer

2+ years






Senior Engineer

5+ years






Technical Architect / Business Analyst

15+ years