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Hi, I'm Ronan Keane, owner of RK Software.

RK Software can help you adapt to changing business environments. If you choose our services I can assure you of a solid foundation for organisational growth and increased efficiency.

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Simple Form Based Applications.

Utilise the new form based spreadsheet-database hybrids to create simple business applications.

Front-end - Mobile Applications

Beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.

Back-end - Integration, ERP, REST APIs

Deliver on any requirement using tools like AWS, Camel, ElasticSearch, FOP, Hazelcast, KIE/Drools, OrientDB.

Data Visualisation

Powerful visualisation of your data encompassing dynamic behaviors for interaction and animation. Also simulations.

Workflow Automation

Model business decision logic with inference based rules, optimise plans and schedules with constraints, and more.

Facilitation, Training & Workshops

Highly experienced in delivering training, and workshop sessions to facilitate the required knowledge transfer.



We can help you solve your current issues, limitations or bottlenecks.

  • - Cost and Efficiency Initiatives
  • - Business Simplification
  • - Business Expansion and Transformation
  • - Make Your Business More Adaptable

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"Since deploying our system in February 2016, our revenue has more than doubled. The software is a key part of our capability to drive sales with the assurance that our operations can scale in parallel.” - Steven Bray, Managing Director, Alternative Energy Ireland.